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Thursday, April 28, 2011



   "Ang Alamat ng Tungkod" is a project produced by Dhubbly and Six the North Star. During the early 90's "Tungkod" aka "Abnormalities" started collaborating with local Filipino artists. After a few DEKODING RYTHMyears, "DIALECT" was born. (Abnormalities and Nothing Else) songs can be found in the "" album under "A.M.P.O.N" (Independent record label) along with other gifted musicians (check "AMPON").From Manila, "Tungkod" subsequently transfered to Bacolod city and started creating tracks with " Dhubbly" founder and producer of "MoonBASE" and "Six the North Star" of "AMPON" (check Galactic Quantum Leap, M.D.K) and other musicians such as Oddflip/Babaji etc. "Ang Alamat Ng Tungkod" is an on going project and shall be released this year to be announced soon

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