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Monday, August 23, 2010

Moflow Artist of the month with 6 The Northstar (2nd WEEK)

Yess Sir... Were on the second week of Moflow Artist of The Month, still we have 6theNorthStar for the Month of August, by the way sorry for the delay guys. That’s what you get if you’re not paying your internet bills on time haha
So no further delay lets’ review our last question from last week.

Can you tell the readers of this blog, what were the sudden changes of Hip-hop Culture/music back from your day and to its present time can you differentiate it for them?
6 The Northstar:
Back in the day, if you were that different cat, keepin' it fresh with individuality, different style, you were cool. It was all about expression of individuality, something George Patton would've hated but, you were cool if you had your own thing going on.. Nowadays you go to store, a lot of kids think they can "buy" Hip-hop in a store, dress the part, trying to consider it like some uniform and soak up on all these brands that were marketed as such. The culture has never been about that, it was always about the expression of self aside from fashion. It is never a trend, it's a culture. The Hip-hop culture has also been recognized by the United Nations man, so it's never just a "fad" Individuality was so important back then.

so what would you prefer sir, Today's Hip Hop? or Bring back the good old times?
6The Northstar:
Although there has been a huge difference between how it was back then, and how it is now, I'd still gotta say that musically, I wanna stay around with the now, know what I mean? emcess nowadays are lyrically complex now compared to emcees back in the 80s. The different emcees, producers, dj’s etc. had mastered a different approach to their craft and even as of the moment, there are probably a dozen of them right now, innovating more approaches to their craft
quoting my cohort, Caliph8.. "Innovating styles for the future"

Word! Sir, Lets proceed to your productive side, Aside from being an emcee, writing songs? What else can you do

6 The Northstar:
Well I can eat a whole live chicken if you want? *laughs* Like I said, during the time I started writing, I had the chance of learning how to make beats, producing for fellow emcees in and out of AMPON. I also wanted to take it further and apply it to a different setting and had the chance of contributing to short indie films made by some of my colleagues in and out of Bacolod City, although the titles now are hazy as hell *laughs* but they are out there. A lot of cats in Bacolod City also know my work as DJ on Killer Bee 106.3 Bacolod. This was a bit unplanned but is still a blessing since I get to play music for people tuning in and get to interact a lot with people from different places. It's also the reason why once in awhile you get to hear a Brother Ali track on air out of nowhere
Well that's indeed a productive side you got there! So would you still learn more? I mean collaborate with others who had different vision than yours, for a new project on the future?

6 The Northstar:
Of course man, I'm planning if I move back to Manila; I wanna take up the cello or saxophone again to add on to knowledge. Add different a color to the music. Of course, I’m open to the idea of sharing ideas with like minded musicians who may or may not be from the realm of Hip-hop music. It never was about that anyway, since music IS the universal language. Whether you are from 2 different countries, music maybe THE way to communicate man. I've been talking to different people from different parts of the world as I am also a fan of their music. We will see man what's going to happen. We'll push the envelope even further

That’s what they say, Don’t hate, Congratulate!, so last week I've read your shout outs saying that your into something , is this a new project?
6 The Northstar:
You stalking me now? *laughs* yeah, my very good friend Christer Isulat aka XTR did a little instrumental and he wanted me to drop a few lines on it. It’s still on the works, I'm still writing over it and we are both excited to release it soon. I just gotta stop delaying things though *laughs*

hahah oh? so Now I'm a Stalker? hahah I'll keep my mouth shut, I might say something haha nahh Joking hahaha, Good! you have XTR, The man was a monster in making tunes and it would be great seeing you guys work again oh, wait minute Saw you last time that you and Xtr was in a same band, right?  A year ago?
 Yeah, I used to have a XTR backing me up live back then. I wanted my sets to be backed by a live band to get that full sound. We also had a band called 21 Gun Salute but XTR had to move to manila immediately so we changed to a different line up back then… Well the band didn't work out as planned but we all soaked up on the good music anyway

Nas said, from his song can’t Forget about you "somethings are Forever Somethings are not...” 
Sir, if you perform do you prefer a live band or some MPC backing you up?
Hard question.  I gotta say though, it really depends on which one is available. You know what they say "A real emcee adapts to any situation" so if the live band is there, then let's go fuck with that, if not, then, it wouldn't hurt to have Caliph or Pasta Groove banging that MPC too *laughs*

Yes sir! your absolutely right haha how about MPC kicking it and a Live band with it! haha, It can be right?
I'm not really keen into the MPC since I don't own one, but I've seen both Caliph and PG (pasta groove) play together with a live band. Totally sick
So it can be! MPC and a band together, in some hip hop scene do you practice the thing we call "CIPHER SESSION" can you share your experiences with it?

AMPON cats do that every time we all see each other. That has always been a part of it. Allot of people only see them on like events or maybe in the ONLY movie they have seen about ciphers and battles and such. But with us, that has always been a part of it. I take part in them once in awhile man since whenever I go back home and hang out with the other AMPON cats, I'm on vacation mode *laugh* but yeah man, once in a while I take part in it and I hold my own Bookmark

Moflow :
Guys stay tuned cause ill be posting up the interview next week here at moflow034.blogspot.com tell your friends to catch us up here, learn more educate more and get get informed that BACOLOD got local talents!

DOWNLOAD 6 The North Star EP album

6theNorthStar - Galactic Quatum Leap Album

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Last Month was a  good start for Moflow having Dhublly as The Artist of The Month,
now this time the long wait is finish, we got a new artist who surely dig ya bones out,
man behind the Quantum Galactic Leap, behind the name of Matt Murdock and 
the man who influenced a lot of local artist in bacolod, Six The North Star...



Okey, lets start , first question why 6theNorthstar? 

6 The NorthStar:
 I used to be a part of this group called "Archonz Akeen" which included D-cal, Plazma, Rambling Man (aka Cameltoe to some people), chec, Konshuss (aka Marlowe) and some other emcees

So how did you created or like name your self as 6thenorthstar? where does the name come from? for what reasons?
6 The Northstar:

I got the name Six (it was spelled Syxx before) as a reference to the japanese Super Sentai standard that I believed was only made up of 5 people
then a sixth person would come in as the "last person" it was a reference to that, being the "background" person or the
"last person to come in"
Six The Northstar was actually the name given to me by AMPON's Chyrho when we where doing a track for his solo album
 I used to reference this old Anime "Fist of the Northstar" on my verses, during the recording, he just flipped my name to Six The Northstar
hahaha I used it from then on.. referring to the 6th day as mans creation in the bible and and for me just means balance of good and evil...
 and the northstar as "guidance"
hahah that shit was hella long haha


Hahaha ayus lang, That explained everything,  haha so it means that Archonz was a part of AMPON? back in what year you started making music with them?

Six The Northstar:

Yeah, Archonz had been around before AMPON... during my highschool days.. but when we had that invitation to merge with artists like Dialect (NothingElse and Abnormalities aka Tunkod), Epical, Caliph8, B-roc, Arkane, Psylent, NImbus9, and Marquiss... We took that opportunity to get out there to make music and learn from them as well

we started making music around 2003  as members of AMPON.


 Wow, thats a hell of history man, tsk tsk tsk... Who were the persons who influenced your type of music? International Artist, Lokal Cats? any of your family? 

Six The Northstar:

  Aside from the people I grew up with musically... well  alot of things man, I'm a 90s kid, so it's Wu-Tang Clan and Gangstarr! jazz shit from Sun Ra, Parliament, Sly and the Family Stone, Billie Holiday... we can go on with this

locally? I grew listening to  Francis M, Sun Valley Crew, Masta Plann and of course Pamilya Dimagiba..

my parents were musicians themselves, and were in a band during the folk rock movement in the philippines... I guess I kinda have music in me ever since
Great, so thats why when you sing, you can surely hit the right notes? hahaha, 
Reading your answers made me think that your really hooked up with Hiphop music, So sir can you discribe Hiphop in your own words?

Six The Northstar:
 what singing?? haha Hiphop? its the intricate culture consisted of 4 elements (Djing, Bboying, Emceeing and Graffitti)... Djing is the music, emceeing as it's poetry, Bboying as it's form of dance and graffitti as painting. HipHop has been at the forefront of voicing out social injustices and always had been the underdog, even if it would seem that the media or industry had abused it...
 or it has been in forefront of music charts... the culture is still around... its universal like that...
my purpose? as an artist, I just wanna put out my music out there, you know what I mean? I also wanna know how far I can push my art, playing around with possiblities and potentials... if it sounds good to my ear, I'll put it out.. if it sounds good to some people, it'll be a plus for me
The usual answer of a hiphop artist! hahaha, can you tell the readers of this blog what were the sudden changes of Hiphop Culture/music back from your day and to this present time can you differentiate it for them? 
WAIT!, before everything else, that question will be answered for Moflow Artist of the Month with 6 the northstar on his 2nd Week
but before we end, any promotion sir?
6 The Northstar:
       watch out for Plazma's Genocid Journals this october 31st, I got some work for God dem's project.. Murder Death Kill in full effect, Brooklyn's Supa, Fresh Coast's Oddflip etc., Dhublly and AMPON's Anygma and Labjaxx Genocide
a couple of things lined up that I'm still confirming with this crew from New York.. hopefully it pushes through
 thanks for moflow for giving a damn about my music.. and to the people who continue to tolerate my music haha             

 Download Six The Northstar GALATIC QUANTUM LEAP EP


That's all for today stay tune for more next week. SPREAD THE WORD SPREAD THE LOVE...