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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Project db a 3 track album of Dhublly X Mo'Flow

Project Decibel by Dhublly 

Dhublly is one of Bacolod's instrumental producers. Producing Trip-Hop, Hiphop, Slow jams, electro and dub for artist or OST for short local films,

Project Decibel  is a project under Moonbase (dhublly's production) who features 3 EOAD's Moflow - Beef (R.Baba) , Blayzey TheBeloved (F. Popioco) and Souljah P (R.Ortiz)

You can listen to http://dhubandthebackseatdrivers.bandcamp.com/album/project-decibel

its for free so you can download it here

other links:


Souljah P

rockmyroots clothing

Writter: R. Ortiz
moonbase productions/Eoad /mofloow
allrights reserved

Sunday, October 14, 2012


                              It has been awhile since Moflow and the rest of EOAD crew came out to listen and rock
 a Hip Hop event. Thanks to Aero for bringing ABRA, RON HENLEY and JOSEF AMARRA in bacolod 
the whole hiphop heads were bouncing themselves once again. 

From left to right (B-ROC of Turbulence Productions , Just Won of  EOAD Dopestarr  , Souljah P of EOAD-Moflow, Jungle and Moonbase

Souljah P and the EOAD Cipher session with  Beatbox Philippines  Josef Amarra
Photo credited to: Janella Yuen Sucuaco Sagal


(from left to right) Nathan J gone , Beef, Steezy , Just Won & Souljah P (all from EOAD)

The Family Shot (as what they call it)

Writer: R. Ortiz

Event: The Freshest

John Jerick Doromal 
Janella Yuen Sucuaco Sagal
Steph "Steezy" Tortogo

Classic as always