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Friday, May 27, 2011

The dB project

 A Project Decibel is team up between Moonbase Studio producer, Dj Dhublly. and Mo'Flow/E.O.AD, MC Beef, using a different format of delivery, so different from the formal Beef flow style comes a new attack of  an eye opener to everyone. Cerebral Pulsing is a story of a human life cycle. a connection between responsibility and self development. hope you like this track,  DhubAndTheBackSeatDrivers Album presents...

Cerebral Pulsing.

Support Dhublly's Album, DhubAndTheBackSeatDrivers  soon to release this JUNE 1st,  2011
Link: Dhublly 

Written by: Wem Ortiz
     sources : http://dhubandthebackseatdrivers.bandcamp.com/

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